Chair’s Annual Report 2019 – 2020

Lifelong Learning Mississauga
2019 – 2020 Annual Meeting, June 19, 2020
A Message from the Board Chair

This has been a year of change for LLM’s Board and volunteers, with the focus of expansion to west Mississauga and the gradual shift from being an operational board to a governance board. With the support of Board members, a dynamic group of new volunteers worked together to offer a lecture series in the West. One of the major problems facing this group was finding a suitable location. The Implementation Committee finally landed on the Clarkson Community Church. The first lecture series was held there in the Fall of 2019, to a sold-out crowd. The Implementation Committee has evolved into the Event Organizing Committee West and its chair sits on the LLM Board.

The Governance Committee was formed in February 2019 and has guided LLM in its shift from the day-to-day running of the organization to focusing on governance. They undertook the rewriting of the Constitution and applied for incorporation as a not-for-profit organization with the federal government. Both tasks were accomplished by year end.

With the goal of creating one organization, two locations, the Board chose to establish a single Program Committee to coordinate LLM’s programs. The existing Program Committee expanded its membership as it is now organizing lectures three mornings a week and in two different locations. All lectures were sold out in the Fall 2019 and registration went well for the three Spring 2020 series.

The Event Organizing Committee East supported members of the EOC West as they worked to implement lectures in the West, sharing information, best practices and advice. At the same time, the City of Mississauga community centres decided to no longer provide coffee services. The EOC East was challenged in how to continue providing a social experience without refreshments. With the assistance of Burnhamthorpe Community Centre staff and some new LLM volunteers, the committee now provides this service.

Then the pandemic struck and our lecture series had to be cancelled. The Event Organizing Committees contacted all 380 registrants to inform them of the cancellation and then issued refunds to everyone.

A special thanks to LLM’s wonderful volunteers, who continue to work collaboratively and effectively, to implement change and growth. I would like to recognize Margaret Handley who is retiring from the Board. Maggie is a founding member of LLM and is a valuable member of the Event Organizing Committee East.

LLM continues to have enthusiastic and loyal participants. We couldn’t do what we do, without you. I would like to thank Amica at Square One who host our Board meetings.

I would also like to acknowledge the benefits LLM has received from the City of Mississauga under the Community Group Registry program, including facility rental benefits and staff liaison, especially with the staff of the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre.

Nora McAuliffe, Chair

We wish to thank the City of Mississauga for the support and benefits LLM has received as an Older Adult Provider in the Community Group Registry Program