Frequently Asked Questions

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How are LLM’s lectures delivered?

  • Until further notice, LLM’s lectures will be offered virtually as Zoom Webinars
  • Typically the speaker presents the lecture for approximately one hour, then there is a ten-minute break followed by a Q&A segment

Will the lectures be recorded for viewing another time?

  • Yes, the lectures are recorded and the links are sent to registered participants who can view them for one week following the live lecture

How can I find out about upcoming lecture series?

  • LLM is currently offering two lecture series in each of three sessions: Winter (January and February), Spring (April and May) and Fall (October and November)
  • Information about current and future lecture series is posted on the LLM website,
  • Participants in past lecture series will receive an email announcing the next season’s series
  • During current lectures, participants will hear announcements about the next season’s lectures
  • Because these approaches have limited reach, please spread the word about upcoming LLM lectures to any friends who might be interested in attending

When can I register for a lecture series?

  • Registration for the next lecture series begins two weeks before the end of the current lecture series

How can I register for the next series?

  • When ticket sales open, a registration link on the LLM website will take you to Eventbrite to purchase tickets
  • Registration for virtual lectures closes on an announced date about a week before the beginning of the lecture series

How will I know if I have successfully registered for a lecture series?

  • Once you have registered for a lecture series you should receive an acknowledgement from Eventbrite
  • The day before each lecture you will receive an email from LLM with your link to join the webinar
  • Should you NOT receive the email with the link to the lecture the day before, please email Support.

Can I register for part of a series or for a single lecture?

  • After the registration cut-off date, you will not be able to register for single lectures or part of a series

Can I get help if I have trouble registering for a lecture series?

  • Email Support and a volunteer will get back to you within a couple of days
  • Unfortunately, LLM does not have the resources to assist with your home technology but you will find helpful introductory videos on the Zoom website,

Can I get a refund for a ticket purchased?

  • Under special circumstances, such as a serious illness, refunds will be offered at LLM’s discretion
  • No refunds will be offered later than the day before a lecture series begins
  • To inquire about a refund, please email Refunds